Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

I live a great distance from my Mom in Albany, and Zarina and her staff at Lincoln Pharmacy have gone above and beyond providing support to my mom. They make themselves available to me by phone to coordinate her medication needs, and as a result offer me great peace of mind. They are a true gift to the community.

I’m so happy I switched to Lincoln Pharmacy. They are always very friendly and always have my meds in stock. They’re also very understanding and caring. I’d recommend this pharmacy to anyone!

My brother has been suffering with Mouth Cancer for three years, and for the same time we went through hell with CVS, so difficult. We recently moved everything he needs over to Lincoln Pharmacy. Finally someone wants to make his medications easier for him! They are so helpful, reaching out to the Doctors office, before his refills are due, delivering his medications! Just making his life and his family’s life a little easier. I can’t recommend them strongly enough. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner! Thank you so much Lincoln Pharmacy ❤️

Great Pharmacy. Alessio, the Pharmacist is full of valuable information and if he has free time will discuss whatever concerns you may have with your Meds, if not, he will make an appointment to speak with him ASAP so you can discuss it Compassion is what health care is all about and Lincoln pharmacy has a lot of it

They always have what I need. And great prices too. Lots of memories, my mom used to get me cough syrup there when I was a kid. Would always leave with a candy bar as a get well treat. My how the years go by!!

Excellent service and they go above and beyond to ensure you get your medications

What a great pharmacy. Small place, but they really care about what they do and try to help anyway they can.

Fast courteous service

They deliver